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policyIQ's Brand Gets a "Unique" Makeover

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

We are incredibly excited to launch a new look for our policyIQ brand - with a few "unique" touches that have special meaning.

GRC technology as unique as you are

One of our goals for policyIQ has always been to develop a product that allows every client to have a custom experience, while ensuring that implementation was simple and fast. Within a few weeks, any company can be using policyIQ for their GRC programs - policy management, SOX compliance, internal audit, and more - with their own customizations. policyIQ adapts to your company's processes; you don't have to adapt your process to utilize policyIQ.

Our new tagline - GRC technology as unique as you are - reflects that mission. Every industry, every client, and even every user has their own unique needs and preferences, and we are always up to the challenge of meeting those unique demands.

Hexagons and honeycombs are popping up everywhere!

Another theme that pops up a lot in our new brand is the hexagon shape, and the connection of those hexagons into a honeycomb pattern. This visual metaphor has appeared in many of our presentations and materials in the past, so we formally adopted it into our brand.

policyIQ's technology is a single application that allows an organization to pull together multiple functions - policy management, internal controls, internal audit, etc - and multiple compliance initiatives - SOX, PCI, FDICIA, NIST, SOC, etc - into a single solution. Combining all of these individual initiatives into a single technology platform allows for greater efficiency, improved compliance, and a stronger organization.

Get to know us

You'll also notice that we're going to put a little bit more of our own unique humanity into our brand, adding an Instagram account to our social media presence to show more "behind the scenes" with the policyIQ team.

Learn more about what policyIQ has to offer and how we can meet your unique needs!

(We promise to stop putting the word unique in bold, italicized red font in every sentence. At some point. Probably.)


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