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What makes us unique 

policyIQ is RGP’s highly adaptable, easy to implement Governance, Risk and Compliance platform that your team can implement and leverage for multiple policy, compliance, audit, and content management initiatives in one cost-effective platform.

As a client of policyIQ, you join a diverse, global community of clients that range from small non-profits to Fortune 500 companies, and span virtually every industry.  policyIQ clients - whether large or small - are trusted friends and business partners, whose success is the top priority of the policyIQ team.  Unmatched client support and partnership is a hallmark of our business.

Being a member of the policyIQ team means being a passionate advocate for client success - from the product development team to the front line of telephone support.  We are proud of the long history of policyIQ, providing a cloud-based technology platform since 2002, and we're committed to the ongoing evolution of the product. 

As a part of the RGP family, we benefit from the global reach and expertise of our colleagues, and adhere to the RGP mantra: To the Power of Human. 

We are a team of unique humans, based in the Pittsburgh area.  From weekend DJs to environmental advocates, from sports fanatics to social justice activists, and from animal lovers to ballroom dancers - the policyIQ team members take their work and their play seriously.