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Policy Management

You need a policy management tool that is comprehensive, but simple to use and easy to get started. 


policyIQ has everything you need for your individual policy management and governance solution—and you can be up and running tomorrow!

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  • Centralize all policies, procedures and related content into a single, online portal available 24/7 from anywhere in the world

  • Establish a complete policy management life cycle, with authoring, review and approval tools

  • Automate workflow to ensure proper approvals

  • Maintain a full audit trail of every change automatically, as well as a formal version history of every policy, procedure, or other content

  • Improve compliance by issuing sign-off forms to ensure that all employees have read the current policies

  • Create an issue management process to track incidents or exceptions, for improved governance and oversight

  • Link policies to related compliance content, such as regulatory frameworks or internal controls

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