Policy Management

Whether you are interested in more efficiently managing corporate policies, finding an online tool for maintaining Environmental, Health and Safety documentation, or enforcing version control for your IT policies and procedures, policyIQ is the right tool to meet your goals.

With over 15 years of experience in policy management software solutions, RGP's policyIQ application incorporates best practices in authoring, communicating, approving and maintaining your companies policies and procedures.  

  • Simple, familiar navigation for editors and viewers

  • Comprehensive search tools to find exactly what the user needs

  • Customizable policy format for consistency across the company

  • Easy workflow options for multiple levels of review and approval

  • Complete version history and audit trail 

Don't stop with Policy Management!  Tie policies and procedures into your Governance, Risk and Compliance program, with links to internal controls, regulatory requirements or incident management programs.

Download our Policy Management solution sheet:

Do you want to see a few of your policies in policyIQ in minutes?