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Audit Management

policyIQ allows you to create a custom audit management experience
from risk assessments to remediation, saving time and maximizing value.
Effective audit teams add value by identifying opportunities and providing insight into critical business processes.  policyIQ eliminates the time wasted on unnecessary administrative tasks, such as updating reports or tracking down audit evidence, so that your auditors can spend time where it matters: auditing and optimizing business processes.

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  • Centralize all audit work, from risk assessments through issue management, as well as time & expense tracking and project management tools

  • Minimize time spent on reporting on status with real-time dashboards for oversight at a glance

  • Maximize efficiency with simple roll-forward actions to start fresh with a new audit period

  • Eliminate time wasted tracking down audit evidence, with audit evidence requests in advance of the audit period

  • Automate workflows for appropriate reviews or escalation of issues

  • Customize the solution to meet your needs with simple to use configuration tools

  • Save money and expedite external audit by providing access to relevant audit results and evidence directly in policyIQ

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