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Schedule a meeting with our Client Success Team to find our how policyIQ can serve your specific needs.

Account Reconciliations - efficiently distribute account reconciliation forms to the reconcile-rs with questions specific to their accounts. Easily monitor the progress of a monthly or quarterly account reconciliation cycle, even across multiple locations.

Board of Directors Repository -  capture key documentation and reference materials in a centralized and secure location. Also store meeting minutes, discussion notes or recordings with conclusions for a searchable and reportable historical reference and archive.

Data Room for Due Diligence - Need a secure place to exchange information with a variety of organizations or associates that must remain mutually exclusive? Whether positioning your organization for sale; facing a merger, divestiture, bankruptcy, or acquisition; or managing the negotiation of a variety of contracts and agreements, policyIQ’s centralized access, customizable security, search and reporting capabilities make it an ideal platform capturing due diligence and sharing necessary documentation with internal and external parties. 

Environmental Healthy and Safety (EH&S) - Document and maintain your EH&S Manual in a centrally accessible and secure platform including EH&S policies, legal requirements, objectives and targets, training manuals, safety manuals, emergency planning and response documentation, and your plan for documenting incidents and corrective action plans. Similar to other compliance initiatives, capture your risk assessment, control procedures, audit documentation, as well as compliance checklists, self-assessments and certification forms. Secure some documentation for specified audiences while broadly distributing other material via free read-only access.

Help Desk Tickets -  make common request forms available and easily visible to employees immediately upon logging in to policyIQ. Customize forms with fields to capture necessary information and route through appropriate approvals so that requests are actionable upon receipt.

IT, Management of Software Development Projects – Capture and share project documentation while maintaining appropriate segregation and security for both internal and out-sourced project team members. Create and store System Development Life Cycle policy, design, development, testing, roll-out and user documentation in policyIQ.

Mergers and Acquisitions – use policyIQ for your due diligence; to capture, share and report on the merger, acquisition or spin-off process. Share information with only necessary parties involved in the process throughout the transition. Leverage prior documentation and content workflow to smoothly integrate or make the final adjustments to documentation. 

Model Audit Rule – assess and document definitions, standards, risks and internal controls as well as testing documentation and the policies and procedures related to your insurance industry compliance efforts.

Project Management – use policyIQ to capture and share documentation among project team members. Easily report on project progress and track key milestone goals and dates. Take advantage of policyIQ’s user friendly navigation and exporting capability to report back to key stakeholders and present progress to project champions.

Quality System Documentation – capture your quality manual in policyIQ making it centrally accessible, simple to update and share the latest information in real time online. Document policies, procedures, work instructions, related training documentation, specifications and manage certifications in policyIQ. Utilize viewing security features to also capture audit procedures, perform audits and to document management responses.

Reference Materials - make items available in multiple folders within an easy to navigate (customizable) folder structure, while maintaining a single version of each document.

Safety Compliance Documentation – document and capture safety requirements, procedures, certifications, audits, violations and responses. Provide free read-only access to safety manuals maintained and distributed electronically (minimizing production and distribution costs while sharing the most up-to-date information).

Software and other Vendor License Tracking – bring your endless searching for various software and vendor licenses to a close. Store all of them in policyIQ and organize them by department, process or other key parameter. Locate specified licenses easily with search and reporting capabilities. Use reporting and custom alerts to stay on top of versions and renewal dates.

System Access Requests – collect the information you specify and route through appropriate approvers, guaranteeing requests are complete and actionable upon receipt.

System Implementation Project – document all areas of a new system implementation including training materials, data conversion guidelines, testing bugs, feature requests, and all project management documents. Share access online with the vendor and implementation partner. 

Training Documentation and Certification - put the latest guidance at your employees’ fingertips by capturing training manuals for all areas of your business in policyIQ. House training materials, procedures, certifications—even training videos—in your centrally accessible system. 

Vendor Management – start with the documentation and communication of your policies regarding vendor bidding, qualification of new vendors, vendor relationships, etc. Roll in related processes and procedures. Track vendors, relative contracts and agreements including milestones or deliverable s, start and end dates and monitor relative performance for more effective renegotiation.

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