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IT Security Compliance

Let policyIQ make IT Security Compliance simple, by serving as the central platform from which you can map your IT controls to the unique  combination of regulatory frameworks your business demands.

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  • Establish a centralized portal for IT security controls, policies, procedures, and processes, available 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

  • Connect IT controls to all relevant compliance programs, including IT specific programs such as NIST, SOC, or ISO, and compliance programs such as SOX, HIPAA, or FDICIA.

  • Save time and reduce error by updating a control just once, with changes flowing through all compliance programs and reports.

  • Reduce testing efforts by testing each control just once, with evidence and results reported across multiple compliance programs.

  • Improve compliance with control attestations, control performance reminders, and automated processes to request evidence as controls are performed.

  • Gain oversight with customized dashboards and comprehensive reporting.

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