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The Swiss Army Knife in your pocket

When I was about 10 years old, my uncle bought me a Swiss Army Knife for my birthday. As one of the earliest feminist influences in my life, he was determined to ensure that his nieces were always prepared to handle any situation. As it turned out, I mostly used the gadget, originally designed as a compact tool easily carried by the Swiss military, to open cassette packages. (It was the 80’s.) Now I use the same device to open the ubiquitous Amazon packages that show up on my doorstep.

I was reminded of the handy multi-tool recently during a conversation about policyIQ – another tool with a variety of uses, many of which were never considered when the tool was originally created. When policyIQ was designed in 2001, it was intended to manage policies and procedures, with the concept of internal controls mandated via regulatory requirements a minor consideration in a limited number of industries. Now, 20 years later, policyIQ continues to serve as a policy management application and serves many companies as their internal control documentation and audit management tool. But policyIQ’s usefulness extends far beyond the typical governance, risk, and compliance needs. Companies use policyIQ to…

  • Administer vendor and client contracts;

  • Manage account reconciliations;

  • Capture meeting minutes and project management documentation;

  • Track environmental, health, and safety documentation;

  • Retain quality system documentation and materials;

  • Issue vendor or supplier certifications;

  • Capture onboarding documentation for new employees;

  • Document job descriptions;

  • Route capital expenditure requests for approval;

  • And MUCH more.

If you already have policyIQ as a tool in your back pocket, don’t forget to pull it out when you need a solution to manage data, processes, or documents. And if you don’t yet have policyIQ at your disposal, now’s the time to take a look! Contact us today for more information.


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