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IT Security Controls - Organized and Centralized

Organizations all over the globe follow information technology and data security guidelines to meet regulatory requirements, improve processes, strengthen security, and achieve other business objectives. As companies shift to a remote workforce and data privacy regulations become more prevalent, a formalized IT security program with clear documentation is more important than ever.

IT security frameworks, such as SOC 1 and 2, ISO 27001, and NIST, give us a common language that can be used by:

  • Internal stakeholders to evaluate controls in place within their own organization.

  • External auditors to evaluate and attest to controls in place within an organization.

  • Third parties (potential customers, investors, etc.) to evaluate the potential risks of partnering with an organization.

policyIQ allows an organization to manage IT controls across multiple security frameworks or regulatory compliance programs. If you are subject to SOX, Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirements, and localized data privacy laws – you will inevitably have controls that cross multiple compliance programs. With policyIQ, you can document a control just once, with the control language and test results flowing through to all of your frameworks.

Want to learn more? View this archived training event, in which we look at IT security frameworks and policyIQ. Contact us and we'll be happy to help you to get started!


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