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IT Security Regulations, Frameworks, and policyIQ

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Organizations all over the globe follow information technology and data security guidelines to meet regulatory requirements, improve processes, strengthen security, and achieve other business objectives.

These IT security frameworks give us a common language that can be used by:

  • Internal stakeholders to evaluate controls in place within their own organization.

  • External auditors to evaluate and attest to controls in place within an organization.

  • Third parties (potential customers, investors, etc.) to evaluate the potential risks of partnering with an organization.

Because information technology impacts every area within an organization, it only makes sense that IT compliance is a process that needs constant attention and monitoring. Choosing a framework, following a set of standards, and having a comprehensive internal controls monitoring program in place help organizations meet the needs of their various stakeholders.

We took a deep dive into regulations and frameworks that impact IT security, in our July 2019 training session, IT Security Compliance in policyIQ.

Some questions addressed in our training were:

  • What is the difference between regulations and frameworks?

  • What are some of the most common regulations impacting IT security?

  • What are some of the most common frameworks?

  • Where can I access IT security frameworks?

  • How can policyIQ help to manage the IT compliance program?

We invite you to listen for yourself and to reach out to us today to see how policyIQ could benefit your organization with IT compliance!


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