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Have you considered using policyIQ Forms for Signoffs, 302 Certifications or other uses?

Year after year companies head into their budget season and for many policyIQ clients, that means considering how you’ll be using our software in the coming year.

Did you know that many clients choose to take advantage of policyIQ Form functionality?

While forms look like policyIQ pages, they are operated and used in very different ways. Pages tend to capture items that are around for the long haul: policies, controls, risk documentation, contracts, audit data, etc. These items can be checked in and out of user’s editorial control and are typically publicly available on the site.

Forms, on the other hand, contain more of an “instance” type of data, capturing point in time data. Forms travel privately between the Administrator (the user sending them out) and the recipient only–there is no “Checking out” or “Checking in” a Form. An administrator will typically send out many forms at once, in mass. These forms may contain one or many fields, and the form itself can have a page (which in the case of using forms for policy signoffs, the page would be an individual policy) displayed within the form.

Follow up with your users that are responding to forms is also a breeze and is easily one of the best parts of using policyIQ forms. Follow-up communication can be automated, meaning the hassle of staying after your users to submit their certifications or other documents is out of your hands!

Users who need access only to respond to forms are called Standard Users. Standard Users have the ability, like Read-Only Users, to browse the policyIQ site and only read published content and respond to Forms. These Users are typically purchased in bulk increments and come at a lower price point than adding Advanced Users. Because of this, it makes policyIQ an ideal place to conduct your Policy Signoffs, Certifications, Control Self-Assessments, or Account Reconciliations.

Contact our team to inquire about adding Standard Users to your policyIQ site for this coming year. Save time and money by eliminating other software tools and the hassle of sending hundreds of emails–conduct all your work in policyIQ!


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