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Stay connected with policyIQ

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Work - and life - have undergone monumental changes in the past year.  Now more than ever, employees are working remotely around the world and around the clock.    
policyIQ can help your team stay connected with 24/7 global access to a web-based portal for policies, internal controls, and all types of critical content. 

Work From Anywhere.


 “Our biggest challenge was the diversity of all of our locations, meaning the physical disposition. We needed to be able to have a central repository for policies across the business. With people in Alaska, Hawaii, California, New York to Florida, policyIQ was the natural pick, allowing us to have one central location for everyone’s documentation, with none of the challenges of rolling out technology to multiple locations.”

Uncertainty is certain.

The Covid-19 global pandemic has taught us all many things, but the biggest lesson is that uncertainty is certain.  And while we can't be prepared for every scenario, we can ensure that we are ready to communicate changes quickly to a dispersed workforce.
policyIQ's uniquely flexible architecture allows your organization to quickly and confidently implement a web-based portal to house all of your critical governance, risk and compliance information.  In a secure, cloud-based environment, employees can access the latest content, receive notifications as critical  processes are updated, and acknowledge receipt of new information.
Switch to a tool that allows your team to stay connected and work together remotely.  Contact us to learn more about policyIQ today!


Join us to see policyIQ in action and learn how you can be our next client success story!

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