Practical Solutions

In this series of videos, we take a look at how policyIQ can be applied to meeting the needs of Governance, Risk and Compliance programs. In each session, we combine best practices in process, as well as practical applications of the technology. Great for anyone who is interested in how policyIQ can be applied.

Audit Evidence
We walk through the value of the automation of audit evidence, and the 5 steps to implement audit evidence collection in your policyIQ application.
Good corporate governance through policies and procedures is more than publishing policy documents.  We discuss the policy lifecycle, tracking policy exceptions and violations, and using data to improve your corporate policies.
Effective Corporate Governance: Beyond Policy Management
IT Security Compliance
IT frameworks and regulatory requirements come many sources.  We’ll highlight some standard frameworks and discuss how to document controls and map them to one or many frameworks or regulatory requirements.
SOX Scoping & Risk Assessments
SOX compliance starts with the risk assessment, which forms the basis of scoping for internal controls and audit testing.  We walk through how to use policyIQ to document the risk assessment and complete the scoping process.
Managing SOX compliance is more than documenting controls and audit testing.  We discuss how policyIQ provides a platform to manage everything from the risk assessment to the final audit conclusions, including auxiliary processes such as the 302 sub-certifications, audit evidence collection and more.
SOX-From Risks to Conclusions
Enterprise Risk Management-ERM
We will walk through an ERM program and how you can implement your ERM cycle within the policyIQ application.
Effective Policy Management for Crisis Response
All around the globe, businesses are having to adjust policies and procedures - to allow employees to work from home, to account for new legislation that influences their business, and to ensure that employees are able to work safely.
Evaluating & Documenting Changes during a Global Pandemic
We walk through how to evaluate and document new and unexpected changes in the midst of a global pandemic.
Managing Controls from Documentation to Control Performance
Learn about 6 specific ways that you can use policyIQ to better manage your internal controls – from regular control reviews to capturing evidence of control performance.
We discuss how to reduce risk and improve the management of executed contracts with the use of policyIQ, including creating a centralized, accessible repository and implementing regular reminders of contract milestones.
Reducing Risk in Contract Management
Internal audit teams in different organizations have unique needs, and policyIQ can be configured to support them all.  We’ll discuss best practices, as well as how to customize your internal audit experience in policyIQ.
Internal Audit Management Solution
Led by a process intelligence specialist, this session takes a look at how to better design and frame your operational procedures to connect what employees do at the front lines to the overall corporate goals and objectives.   (This session highlights an older version of policyIQ, but provides such great information that we wanted to retain it in our library!)
Process Intelligence
We walk through common certifications and attestations and illustrate the steps to create the process in policyIQ.  We also highlight related follow-ups and reporting in policyIQ.
Compliance Certifications & Attestations
Enterprise Risk Management: A Six Phase Approach
Explore how technology solutions can enable your risk management processes along the way, from the documentation of corporate goals and objectives, through risk identification, monitoring of risk, and integration of your ERM activities into your operational processes.

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