Feature Focus

In this series of videos, we spend 15–30 minutes exploring a specific feature or set of features in policyIQ. Videos vary in audience from Read-Only users to Advanced Users with site administration capabilities.

Update your Control template and Control Review template to capture temporary control changes.
Account for Temporary Control Changes due to Covid-19
Bundled Forms
Examine what form bundles are used for and how they can be created.
Explore the various options from within the policyIQ search bar.
Search Bar Options
File Attachments
Understand various ways that files can be attached or uploaded to policyIQ.
Examine options to report on changes to content in policyIQ.
Reporting on Changes
Quickly roll-forward your risks, controls, and testing to create a fresh start for the new audit year.
Roll-Forward for a New Audit or Compliance Year
Understand the options within approval workflows to better manage the process.
Workflows: Notifications, Field Rules & More
Understand how policyIQ Field Rules operate and add logic into your Templates.
Logic, Conditions & policyIQ Field Rules
Template Formatting
Explore some of the ways you can improve the visual look and feel of your policyIQ Page and Form Templates.
Explore options for printing and exporting data throughout the application.
Import Update
Use the import tool to quickly update pages from an Excel file.
Understand what public forms are and how they might be used.
Public Forms
Single Sign On
Find out what SSO options exist and how to get started.
Understand how to use Summary reports for insight into status or for oversight into projects.
Status & Oversight Reporting with Summary Reports
Learn how to charts and customize your policyIQ Dashboard.
Dashboards and Data Visualization
Explore the various types of List fields that can be added to Templates.
Global, User & Custom List Fields
Delve into the various ways that calculations can be used within policyIQ.
Calculations in Reports, Fields & Across Pages
User Security Roles
Explore the purpose of user security roles and best practices in assigning roles. We will also review the standard roles available, and how (and why) you might create your own custom roles.
Custom Dashboards for all User Types
Take a look at the Dashboard options for Advanced, Standard and Read-Only users, as well as explore how users can customize their own Dashboard to meet their specific needs.

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