Third Party Risk Management

Virtually every organization requires third parties to go through some level of screening before beginning a business relationship.  You need a process that strikes a balance between being simple and cost effective to manage, while properly managing risk and maintaining documentation that can hold up to an audit.

policyIQ can help you to create a process for screening third parties that is consistent, sustainable, and takes a risk-based approach.

  • Manage due diligence efforts with questionnaires sent externally and to internal stakeholders

  • Capture and retain all documentation reviewed in the review process

  • Document investigation efforts within secure environment, with full audit trail of all activities

  • Provide evidence of your efforts at the click of a mouse to save time and minimize audit time

  • Easy workflow options for multiple levels of review and approval

Don't stop with third party risk management!  Pull in your policies, manage your audits, and track issues from identification through remediation for an end to end solution!

Download our Policy Management solution sheet:

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