Revenue Recognition

RGP’s Revenue Recognition subject matter experts (SME) have developed an approach that effectively addresses the 5 steps of ASC 606. And, again, RGP has gone the extra distance to develop a technology solution that will help you to tackle this effort.  policyIQ now has a solution to both simplify and standardize detailed contract reviews while providing oversight, progress reporting, visibility for management review, and evidence for external auditors.

If you haven’t yet defined your approach for assessing your organization’s contracts and setting a course for compliance with ASC 606 by the deadline, don’t worry. We have a complete, cost effective solution and we’re ready to help you make up some ground. 

  • Simplified oversight for management review at a high level

  • Standardized approach for contract reviewers

  • Systematic aggregation of contract reviews

  • Reports within and across all contracts and performance obligations

  • All contracts, reviews, summaries, conclusions in one place

  • Evidence of process, samples, conclusions for external auditors

Don't stop with revenue recognition contract reviews!  Tie policies and procedures into SOX and audit programs, with links to internal controls, regulatory requirements or incident management programs.

Download our Revenue Recognition solution sheet:

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