policyIQ Employee Spotlight!

This month, we are shining the spotlight on Stacey Zearott, policyIQ’s Client Success Manager. Over the past six years on the team, Stacey has taken on a key role and is often the person our clients interact with the most. While making sure that our policyIQ clients stay engaged with us and happy with the application, Stacey also makes sure that the rest of the team stays on task.

We asked Stacey to share a little more about herself, allowing you to get to know her better.

You have been here now for six years. What was it about the role at policyIQ that made you decide it was the right place for you?

The role was something really different from what I had been doing over the previous 17 years, and I was ready for a big change. When I met members of the team during the interview process, I felt like I had known them for years – we just clicked. I knew it was a place that I wanted work.

You wear many hats – both literally (fantastic collection of hats!) and figuratively. What all do you do as the Client Success Manager?

I started in an operations coordinator role, which is akin to an office manager. But as staffing changed and needs opened up, I have taken on a number of responsibilities. I still do much of the “office management”, but my main job right now is to ensure that all of our clients have what they need to achieve their goals in policyIQ. I make sure that new users get connected to training, that clients know about all of the new features and programs, and that anyone who needs help to expand or revise their implementation has access to the right people.

I also manage most of our marketing and social media. (Are you following us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram?)

What is your daily “must have”?

Coffee! I also consider my morning shower a must-have to wake me up and turn me into a human.

Like the rest of the policyIQ team and many of our clients, you have been working from home since March of 2020. What do you miss about being in the office?

Free coffee! LOL. I miss my routine, wearing real clothes, and seeing my co-workers in person every day. There’s also something nice about separating work and home – not having my cat staring me down all day.

One of your colleagues referred to you as “consistently delightful”. Would you agree with that assessment?

LOL. Although I certainly don’t always feel it on the inside, I suppose I can come off as quite delightful. Even if I’m faking it.

What is your proudest accomplishment on the policyIQ team?

Probably the rebranding effort that we launched in January 2020. Not only did we redesign our new logo, but we revamped our website, all of our marketing materials, and our social media accounts – and we did it all in-house! It was hugely rewarding.

What would you most like everyone to know about policyIQ?

The team? We have a team of such different people with different personalities – and yet somehow, we all understand each other and just “fit”.

And as far as the product is concerned, the policyIQ product is super customizable, offers a wide range of capabilities for managing business content, and is incredibly cost effective!