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Compliance Certifications and Attestations in policyIQ

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Chris Burd, Vice President, policyIQ

Did you make it to our recent webinar?

In case you missed the presentation by the Vice President of policyIQ, Chris Burd, here is a recap of the key points.

What types of certifications and attestations are possible in policyIQ?

In our session, Chris Burd showed an Anti-Corruption Policy Sign-off, a Control Self-Assessment questionnaire, and a 302 Certification. She demonstrated the flexibility of policyIQ to accommodate virtually any questionnaire, certification, or attestation. It is possible to include a wide range of different types of fields such as common or custom dropdown fields, (yes/no, agree/disagree), comments, dates, fields for respondents to upload specific evidence or other file uploads.

We have talked about a feature called Rules quite a bit in the past year that allows clients to further guide and direct respondents to complete documentation properly. Depending on how users respond to certain questions (I have not observed fraud. > Disagree), the user may be required to complete an Explanation or Comments field, they may have to respond to additional fields, skip to a different section of the form, or upload a file of evidence or a contract. Rules allow administrators and designers of these questionnaires to really tailor the experience for your users and save time on the typical back-and-forth email and manual interactions.

Typically, certifications are pushed out to many users at once and on a routine schedule (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.). Often, the questions for any one initiative (i.e. Corporate Policy Sign-off) are standard for all respondents and may be linked to related information for reference (like the associate Code of Conduct policy or a specific Control). Managing questionnaires in this way makes it simple to identify and respond to those exceptions to the rule that require follow-up. And did you know that any of these certifications can be completed on a mobile device?

What is the process for creating and issuing the certification or attestation?

There are three steps to custom certifications in policyIQ that Chris covered in the webinar:

Create a Form Template, a.k.a. a template for your questionnaire and consider, “What questions do we want to ask?” [Optional] Bundle multiple questionnaires together so that you can administer and monitor the response in bulk. There are many optional features here, including: You might have questionnaires or certifications linked to different controls, process narratives, or policies and they may require various approval processes. You can have a set of questions that are tailored for assignment to different groups of users (like 302 sub-certification questionnaires). You can customize and automate the reminders for different groups and initiatives (some reminders are sent each Monday for 5 weeks and others every day until satisfied, as examples). Issue Forms (questionnaires, certifications, surveys, etc.) Make any final adjustments to the audience for the certification. Set and expected due date for response.

How does policyIQ help to manage the process after certifications are issued?

Routing of exceptions for further review – We feel like the sky’s the limit with cool things we can do with Rules. In version 7.10 rolling out now, policyIQ users have the option to direct the routing for approval down different paths depending on specified responses to certain questions in the certification (perhaps all those that answered “no” to a question about following the policy need to be routed to a particular approval for follow-up).

Routing of multi-level processes – Similar to the example above, questionnaires can have limits on fields that require multiple levels or a different route for approval depending on the response (over a certain dollar amount).

Reporting! We have presented options for leveraging rules and routing options to manage the flow of content. You can also leverage any number of reports to expedite your follow-up activity as it relates to your questionnaires, certifications, attestations, and so on. Create a report that pulls out any exceptions in any one questionnaire or across all questionnaires sent in the bundle. Leverage policyIQ reports to aggregated results and monitor response rates or trends across business units, locations, or suppliers. Reports allow you to aggregate risk assessments, contract reviews, or fraud questionnaires. This is another area that we get excited about. Let us know if you want to sit down and explore your processes and opportunities to get more out of your policyIQ content, certifications and questionnaires, or reporting.

Click here If you’re interested in requesting access to the full recording from the “Certifications and Attestations in policyIQ” webinar.

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We love seeing you succeed.

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