Our customers
policyIQ is being used by hundreds of organizations worldwide, from Fortune 500 corporations to small, non-profit teams. policyIQ has been implemented to serve tens of thousands of employees as the primary portal for all critical business content in a global company. At the same time, there are teams of just five users who use policyIQ to allow them to manage their specific projects. 

All of our customers-–whether they are big, small, new, established, tech savvy or tech phobic-–are members of our community and treated as trusted friends. 

Our people 
policyIQ is supported by a team of people who are passionate about what we do. Our commitment shows in the unmatched support we provide to every policyIQ user. We know that our success depends on our customers’ success, and we’re dedicated to providing an exceptional product that is backed by exceptional service and support. 

Get to know us and you’ll find that we love our jobs! Our team is ready to partner with you to implement our software solution for your business. 

Our roots 
policyIQ was launched in 2002 by Snap River Technologies--a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania software development firm. 

In early 2003, as Sarbanes-Oxley legislation was pushing organizations to new levels of compliance, Snap River formed a national relationship with RGP (then Resources Connection) to introduce policyIQ to RGP’s clients. In July 2003, RGP acquired Snap River and made policyIQ a product offering that was complementary to RGP’s existing professional services offerings. 

policyIQ is an established product with close to 15 years under its belt and, as a product of Resources Global Professionals, we have a supporting team of more than 3,000 consultants worldwide. We’re dedicated to maintaining and improving an incredible product and to providing personalized service and support that is second to none. 

Our mission 

policyIQ aims to meet and exceed your GRC technology needs, providing tremendous value delivered by trusted partners who walk alongside you with the common goal of solving your business problems.

About policyIQ